Digital whiteboard tool for teachers

whiteboard_kidsI’m happy to announce a little side project I’ve been working on recently: is a free, online, digital whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms, making it easy for the teacher to quickly ask a question and see everybody’s answers directly in real time. It is a perfect tool for formative assessment, and can be used immediately without registration. is a spin-off project to one of the larger projects I’m working on, is an online, mathematics book (in Swedish) for children in grades 7-9 (optimized for the Finnish and Swedish school systems).

Spotify Connect


Spotify recently announced Spotify Connect, which makes it possible to remote control Spotify on your computer from your phone or tablet. This is really cool, since I’ve previously used the app Remoteless for the same thing. But now when Spotify has the remote control feature built in I don’t need any third party client running on my computer any more.

This also solves a problem regarding Airplay, and not being able to transmit to more than one Airplay device at the time from a portable device (iPhone or iPad). Now I can have my computer transmitting to both my living room and kitchen speakers (using the excellent software Airfoil), and I can remotely control Spotify directly from my phone. Great! :)

Formatting MicroSD memory card to NTFS on Mac

Today I needed to format a MicroSD (MicroSDCX 64GB) to NTFS to use in my Watson TV stick. Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t support the file format NTFS so I wasn’t able to format the drive to NTFS in OS X (running the lastest version of Yosemite).

Luckily I had Parallels Desktop installed with an installation of Windows 7 – where I easily could mount the memory card. I just had to go to the menu option Devices -> External Devices in Parallels first in order to access the “format”-option in Windows.

And voilá – the memory card was successfully formatted to NTFS on a Mac and I could use it in my TV stick. I just love the way Parallels and Windows work seamlessly in the Mac environment, making it easy to get the best of both worlds.

Brackets: my new favourite code editor

During the past 15 years I have tried a whole lot of different code editors and coding environments.

Notepad++, Eclipse, Netbeans and Aptana to mention a few.

Aptana was for a long time my favourite editor, since it had excellent features for uploading directly to FTP, convenient code completion and code hints, and the editor worked excellent under both Windows and OSX. The only drawback is that Aptana is quite heavy, and it seems like its development has been discontinued (at least there haven’t been any updates for a long time).

Now I’ve completely switched over to Brackets, manily due to its simplicity, speed and live HTML, CSS and Javascript preview.

New releases are coming every month, and there is a large, active community working with plugins and extensions.

I installed some excellent plugins (SFTP-upload, PHP-smarthints and QuickDocsPHP), and I am looking forward to new releases with further improvements!

Google Slides on IOS

Ggoogle slidesoogle Slides has finally arrived for iOS, making it possible to create, edit and view Google Drive presentations on your mobile iOS device.

One feature I especially have been waiting for is the possibility to directly create and edit native Office presentations (.pptx).

Google has recently added native Office compability to the other apps in the Google Drive suite (Google Docs and Google Sheets) as well, meaning you don’t need the old QuickOffice app any more. QuickOffice was previously acquired by Google, and the app has already been removed from the App store and is no longer updated.